Online movie services, they’re like buses…

Sky are launching their own internet streaming service to rival Netflix and LOVEFiLM. Starting with simple movie rentals, either pay as you go or a monthly subscription. Sports and entertainment will follow later.

Netflix, LOVEFiLM and Sky – let battle commence!



Gadgets: BBC iPlayer and ITV Player coming to Sky Anytime+

Let’s have a huge round of “about bloody time”.

Sky are expanding Sky Anytime+, their on-demand service. This Easter they will remove the exclusivity that required customers to have Sky Broadband to access Anytime+.

This will expand Anytime+’s reach from 1.2m people to around 5m.

As a result of this the BBC are happy to approve iPlayer’s inclusion in the service as it meets their core value of iPlayer being able “to reach all audiences on a universal basis”.

And not wanting to hint at any BBC bias, ITV Player will also join Anytime+.

BSkyB Press Release

BBC Press Release

Started, it has…

Ah yes, I have been shamed into it finally.

My own blog, to document my stumblings and the random stuff that runs through my mind during the day.

At present I’m working with K2 Workflow, SharePoint and .NET.

So over the coming weeks I will be posting the things I have noticed, problems I’ve had and how they were fixed.

I’ve dealt with a lot of issues that I couldn’t easily find the solutions for thru Google, so hopefully by putting them on here, I’ll save you the pain and lost time.