K2 Smart Forms: This changes everything…


I was lucky to sit in on the launch webcast of the K2 Smart Forms Beta release yesterday.

If you’ve ever had to work with forms and K2/SharePoint, be they ASP.NET or InfoPath, it’s never felt easy. You’ve always had to bend what you want to achieve to suit the facilities available with InfoPath, and with ASP.NET you end up doing loads of coding. The end result is never quite what you intended.

K2 Smart Forms change everything.

K2 have taken all the problems people have reported when building forms and created an intuitive new framework built on the K2 Smart Object technology. If you understand K2 Smart Objects, you’ll understand K2 Smart Forms in no time.

New Order Approval Task Form

Web-based, it runs in all the major browsers (IE, Firefox, Chrome, Safari) and is enhanced with Silverlight. The new K2 Designer is feature rich, and web-based. You can easily manage and create workflows, Smart Objects and, of course, Smart Forms.

New Orders Form

They’ve hit the ground running with a well featured set of controls to build your forms from, and everything is skinnable through theme management.

Create View - Combination of Controls 2

The way the forms look inside SharePoint is gorgeous, you wouldn’t know it was a third-party web-part. It just looks like its always belonged there.

Manage Orders Page hosted in SharePoint

Integrating your forms into workflow is a piece of cake. Soon you’ll be able to add code if you need it, but to be honest, the way the framework is structured and configured, its hard to see what you’d need to add code for.

Loads of info available at K2’s site here, go and check it out, view the Intro.

It’s early days, but seriously, you’re going to want to use this instead of InfoPath.


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