Welcome to my blog, it’s got a new carpet – so take your shoes off before coming in.

I’m Chris Butcher. Been doing development for a long, long, long, … feels like forever. All started with a Sinclair ZX Spectrum 16k (had to get the 48k upgrade later), those were the days! Got stuck using FoxPro for about 9 years, wasn’t so bad, but then I was introduced to C# and have been loving it ever since.

Likes: .NET, gadgets, F1, Newcastle United

Dislikes: Tomatoes

Favourite Quote: “Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish” (Steve Jobs)… Anyone who’s met me would agree; I’m struggling with the first, but have no trouble at all with the second!

Claim to fame: As a hobby back in 1998, I set up a little news website about the fledging digital terrestrial TV provider ONdigital, that then merged with a similar site about Sky’s digital offering, and we kept merging and merging. We got big, we needed a name. We became Digital Spy. I couldn’t keep tinkering with it whilst doing my day job, so had to walk away. Ooops. Then they took off and became the huge online media phenomenon they are now. As my son would say, “oh coconuts!”. As my wife would say “you muppet!”


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