Gadgets: ATV 3 will arrive before Apple HDTVs


I do have my smug moments. Most recently in January I correctly predicted that Apple would not be launching the iPad3 or a new iPod at their educational event. Despite all the gadget-press going mad as a tabby-cat in a catnip factory.

Also back when the iPhone 4s was released in 2011, I came up with my own roadmap of when Apple would be announcing their products for 2012.

Primarily, that the iPhone 5 will not be appearing till September 2012.

The iPad3 to make an appearance in March 2012.

And also I mused over the Apple HDTV rumours. It didn’t seem to make sense looking at Apple’s movements, the quest for perfection, for them to move from the current ATV2 to a full-blown integrated HDTV set.

The key for Apple is to ensure they have the content first, and it’s pointless selling a $1000 LCD unit with no unique content.

I said at the time that I was confident Apple would refresh the ATV, replace the A4 chip with an A5 (or if we’re lucky an A6). And they would invest in more content. Mostly in the US, but also in Europe (recent Premiership football rumours).

And only now, the gadget-press are starting to come round to my way of thinking. Developers tinkering in the iOS 5.1B software have found mention of the AppleTV 3.1.

Now it can’t get any smaller, it’s insanely small at the moment (but I wouldn’t put it past Apple to try), so you have to logically guess that the internals are getting an upgrade.

A new processor (A5/A6) would make sense, to bring its power in line with other iOS devices. Upgrading the 720p output to 1080p would put a smile on a lot of people’s faces – mine included. And the addition of some neat little apps and multitasking.

We’re only weeks away from March now. Amazon are showing ATV2’s out of stock for 2-5 weeks, perfect if they’re expecting a shipment of ATV3’s soon.

Fingers crossed that Tim Cook has some ATV goodness for us this March, or I’ll eat my ATV controller… mmm…. Aluminium!


Gadgets: BBC iPlayer and ITV Player coming to Sky Anytime+

Let’s have a huge round of “about bloody time”.

Sky are expanding Sky Anytime+, their on-demand service. This Easter they will remove the exclusivity that required customers to have Sky Broadband to access Anytime+.

This will expand Anytime+’s reach from 1.2m people to around 5m.

As a result of this the BBC are happy to approve iPlayer’s inclusion in the service as it meets their core value of iPlayer being able “to reach all audiences on a universal basis”.

And not wanting to hint at any BBC bias, ITV Player will also join Anytime+.

BSkyB Press Release

BBC Press Release