iOS 9 and Cellular Data Network – the fix

Ok guys, so some of you are getting the message that your 3G or 4G service is not working after upgrading to iOS9.

Here’s the fix…

Go into your cellular data/mobile data settings. 

Underneath the APN your username and password are blank. 

Go into each one and put something in like “web”. Click back to save and go back in 

Remove whatever you put in the username and password, so they are blank again. 

Come out of settings and all should be well again. 

I will update this post soon with images but it’s late and I need some sleep. 



Started, it has…

Ah yes, I have been shamed into it finally.

My own blog, to document my stumblings and the random stuff that runs through my mind during the day.

At present I’m working with K2 Workflow, SharePoint and .NET.

So over the coming weeks I will be posting the things I have noticed, problems I’ve had and how they were fixed.

I’ve dealt with a lot of issues that I couldn’t easily find the solutions for thru Google, so hopefully by putting them on here, I’ll save you the pain and lost time.